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蔡李佛對聯 Choy Li Fut Couplets and Poem

For Chan Heung’s picture:

蔡李佛門源是始, 少林嫡派得真傳.
From choy li fut, he is the founder;
He received the real arts from the root system of Shaolin

For the choy li fut altar:

英棍飛騰龍擺尾, 雄拳放出虎昂頭.
Graceful staff moving like the dragon swings the tail;
Strong fist releasing out as the tiger raises it head.

For the school front door:

拳出全憑身着力, 棍來需用眼精神.
Fists (kuen) punch out depending on the body are using the right power;
Staff (gwun) coming you must watch out by using the energy of your eyes

Another one for the front door:

雄才定取文章事, 勝算還须武略通.
For the talents of Hung’s people, must take from the scholar’s work;
To win (Sing), who must be good at the martial arts.

Choy Fook advice to Chan Heung’s poem

The dragon and tiger met as the wind and the cloud.
My disciple, you must take good care of your future.
To revive the arts of Shaolin,
Don’t let the future generations forget about this teaching.

Translated by Gm. Doc-Fai Wong 
texto original (ver link)

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